Guest Policies – Golf

Tascosa Golf Club is a private club. Guests must be accompanied by a member unless pre-approved by the General Manager or Director of Golf. If a guest is approved to play; but,  is unaccompanied by a member, a surcharge will be added to the guest fee. Sponsoring members are responsible for the conduct and attire for their guests. Please inform your guests of the dress code and policies prior to their arrival at the club.

Dress Code -
Proper golf attire must be worn at all times.

Men:      Must have a collared shirt, Slacks, Hemmed shorts or Denim is allowed
Not Allowed: Tee shirts, cut-offs, hospital scrubs, swimwear or tank tops
Ladies: Not Allowed: Halter tops, spaghetti straps or swimwear

Social Members and local guests (within 40 mile radius) are limited to playing golf 6 times within season. Season is defined as April 1- September 30.

Tascosa Golf Club is a soft spike only facility (metal spikes are not allowed at any time).